About the blog

Why have we called this blog “Digital Orphans?”

Michael HennessyCanada has an incredibly creative and entrepreneurial pool of talent for producing media content. However, in an international marketplace, financing options for development and venture capital required to sustain Canadian success stories from software to the screen, are limited. There is a genuine risk that jobs will flow out of the country and diminish competitiveness in a sector that should be focused on growth, unless developmental capital is addressed as a priority issue.

Creating a competitive and robust digital economic future for Canada means being able to provide for our children–our most creative resources–with jobs in the future. To accomplish that, as a country, we must encourage private and public investment in intellectual property in the same way we invest in traditional resource-based industries. If we do not have the right mechanisms in place, it will get harder to nurture and grow indigenous digital content whether in traditional or new media businesses.

We will, therefore, also be less able to create and sustain the types of jobs and opportunities that will incent our most creative resources, our children, to pursue their future in Canada. Hence the idea of “digital orphans.” Our children may be forced to seek opportunity abroad because we didn’t value and invest in intellectual property in the same way we invest in industries like mining. If content from software to media are the currencies of a digital economy, we are going to face a trade deficit if we can’t exploit our own products.


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